An Empty Phrase

by wildfeministappears

I wanted to start this post by apologizing for what I’m about to say, but I should really stop that.  I have every right to my opinion, as do you.  So… This is my opinion, and if you don’t like it, then that’s cool by me.

Anyway, I realized today that I get really pissed off when people say that things happen for a reason.  They’re taking responsibility out of their hands and saying that the universe has some ultimate plan.

Stop that.  It takes power away from you and gives credence to evil in the world.

I’m not saying, “It happened for a reason” is a bad phrase.  I’m saying the way people use the phrase is bullshit.

When someone is raped, it did happen for a reason.  And that reason is that someone else was cruel enough to rape that person.  Don’t blame supernatural forces, because whatever you believe, we all know that we have free will.  We are born with free will.  And everything that happens on this planet that is due to a person is due to free will.

It happened for a reason.  A horrible reason that can be prevented if we just work together.  Ultimate plans are based on our actions, and this is no test.  You are not being tested for fortitude or faith when another person with free will strips you of your power and does violence against you.

We create the reasons.  We are the force behind our actions.

And another thing, oh everything-happens-for-a-reason people!  I’m tired of hearing that phrase when natural disasters happen.  “God is punishing those people for something!  It’s their fault!”

That’s bullshit too.  God didn’t just decide to hate on everyone living on the coast.  And what kind of human decency are you showing?  Would you go up to your friend after their house burned down and say, “Well, it’s your own damn fault.  You’re a horrible fucking person”?  No, you would not!  No one deserves to be told they’re bad, especially after their livelihood is taken away from them.  Who are you to judge an entire population because a natural disaster happened?  How are you any better than them?  Just because you didn’t live next to the water doesn’t make you a fucking saint!

Anyway… *deep breath* I think the world would be a lot better off if we stopped judging each other and took responsibility for our world.  We live here with our free will, and have every ability to make it better, even in hard times.  So get up off your ass and help someone.


PS: Thank you, Nataliuh, for helping spark this blog!  I hope this is basically where your anger comes from!