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Month: March, 2012

Keep fighting girl

Keep fighting girl.  You are the epitome of humanity, the sign of the times.  You defend yourself, constantly fighting an ideology that is defending itself just as much.  Your eyes see the world for what it is, but you show no fear.  There is no room for it when you’re digging into that one foothold you have.  Keep fighting girl.

You started this journey with strength that others denied you had.  You struggled to break free just to get that first step in the right direction, and when you took that step you landed on thinning clouds.  But you held your breath and went forth, taking your strength and power and ideas and thrust them into the universe with force.  And you found friends.

Keep fighting girl.  Your friends may help you find that next foothold, but only you can grasp for it.  Only you can push past your doubt and realize that no matter how you fight, you’re becoming stronger.  You’re becoming what you saw in other people, what you cherished and envied.  You have to be that person.  You have to take that next step.  You have to know that you won’t fall through.

Faith is nothing that you don’t have in you.  Faith builds upon your strength to not care about that pitfall.  So keep fighting girl.  Don’t let your faith be blind, let your faith be knowledge, courage, and experience.  You are, you’ll be, you can, you will.  There is no failure where you are going.  Because failing only shows you the next step.  That next foothold.  That next piece of you that refuses to back down.

Those who stand against you may be just as strong, just as faithful.  They know that what they fight against is everything that you are and everything that you believe in.  They feel the same pain and fear and struggle that you do.  Don’t deny them their strength as others have denied you.  Help them find the footholds that you have already passed, and teach them about your struggle.  They may not be your friend, but they do not deserve to be denied of their beliefs, and they certainly won’t back down from them.  Because they hear the same words that you hear.

Keep fighting girl.

Keep fighting and don’t let them stop you.


Women, you have my support and love.

Women have always fascinated me.  The way they move throughout the day with confidence, but constantly hiding some sort of pain. There is something behind the eyes of every woman that says, “I’ve been through hell, still going through it, but today has to happen.”  And they face new challenges everyday, whether from the government, their job, their peers, or even their loved ones.  But they still continue.

I know why I continue.  I’ve been through that hell, I’ve experienced the new day with the hope that maybe I won’t be the victim for someone.  I’ve gotten to the point that I broke up with my abusive boyfriend because I realized that my life was nothing but victimhood, and I would rather go down fighting then live another day expecting to be hurt.  But I’m not that person anymore.  I’m more than what others want me to be, and I know some people would rather I not be the person I am.

Feminism cleared up a lot of questions for me.  How could I help others to make sure they didn’t go through what I went through?  How could I find a group of people who understood my passions and didn’t judge me for them?  How could I be angry without looking petty?  And I learned.  I submerged myself into the culture, and came into myself with a power that I didn’t know I had.  Where did the victim go, the one who backed down from everything because she knew she wasn’t good enough?  And who is this person, the one who will stand up to anyone who fights against what she believes in?

Leymah Gbowee helped me to solidify how I was feeling.  She said, “In order for reconciliation to happen, people must have a generous spirit.”  And I believe that.  Because I work for others, because I know that my problems cannot be solved without dealing with the larger issue at hand, I can be strong and powerful.  I can stand up for myself, because I’m not standing merely for myself, but for every woman.  And I love every woman that I meet.  No matter what their lives are like.  No matter what they have done, are going through, have survived, haven’t left yet.

Women are amazing.  They are innovative, strong, caring, passionate, creative, and have the capacity to stand against whatever comes.  That’s why all the bad news doesn’t get me down.  No matter how desperate the situation seems, we are always moving upwards, always inevitably winning.  It is not just the government that fears women gaining power, however.  It’s everyone.  Even other women.  Because we see weakness in ourselves.  We aren’t sure that we can save ourselves, let alone the world.  But I know that we can.  I know that women have the power to be their full 51 percent of the world and take charge, because I’ve seen it.  Every woman is out there saying, “I’ve been through hell, still going through it, but today has to happen.”  Today will happen.  Our future will happen.  And I believe in the capacity of women to do what needs to be done to get us there.

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