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Month: June, 2013

I feel something deep in the pit of

I feel something deep in the pit of my soul.  Usually, such anxiety comes from knowing a large storm is coming, but I’m out of the way of the storm, so I know it’s something else.  The earth moving, perhaps.  Such large successes that I fear are going to be followed by larger retaliations.  Opportunities lost, or missed entirely.  I’m not sure.  I just feel certain that something is going to happen.  I sense the cry for blood, and I know there will be destruction. 

Can you sense the stillness, the expectant charge in the air just waiting to crash down?  What’s coming?  Why do I feel darkness hanging heavily over us?

I’m frightened.


Texas State Sen filibusters to block abortion regulation

I’m standing with Wendy! She’s my hero.

Feminist Philosophers

Texas State Sen filibusters to block abortion regulation

And the link takes you to the live video.  It is interesting to watch Wendy Davis live.  Slow and steady.

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The Vagina Diatribe

I am not ashamed of my vagina.  I am not ashamed of my clitoris, my labia, my breasts, or my nipples.  They are not pornographic, and I will not have them censored, nor will I stand by quietly as women’s body parts are considered “filthy” or “wrong”.  To suggest that using these medically correct terms is subject to censorship is to suggest that we stay immature and ignorant of ourselves, and to be ashamed of what we are.  In order for our society to become stronger, to have the knowledge to understand that women are not sex objects, we must first get over the idea that certain body parts are not to be discussed or spoken about.

Not being able to say medically correct terms is detrimental to our society.  We are censoring pride by saying we should be disgusted with our own body parts.  We are censoring education.  We are censoring shared knowledge and experiences.  We are destroying our worth.  We become more ignorant the more we stay immature about our own bodies.

Acceptance is the first move towards change. 


Inspiration for this piece: http://trib.al/fN7G0nD


“‎Rape culture is a culture in which people who have survived a violent crime are asked to laugh about it because other people think it’s funny.”


Anti-Porn Feminists

Rape culture is a culture in which people who have survived a violent crime are asked to laugh about it because other people think it’s funny.

Found here

TRIGGER WARNING for the images below the fold, these are examples of the sexism and misogyny men display with impunity, often under their real name and with their picture attached, on social media.

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Dirty Fingers

This is going to sound revolutionary to some people (just the way I like it), so brace yourselves: My breasts are no more sexual than any other part of my body.  While they can be used in sexual ways, they are not always sexual.  My fingers can be sexual, my stomach can be sexual, the back of my knee can be sexual (there’s a spot there, trust me), but they are not always sexual, and we accept that.

I understand its ingrained in us to believe that breasts are sexy, and they can be.  But this is misused all the time.  Women are shamed for showing off their breasts because of this idea.  Seeing someone’s nipple impressions is just scandalous!  Cleavage is a crime that gets you thrown out of events!  Women are raped because the shape of their breasts are apparent, and then they are blamed for it.

But look at these fingers!

funny-fingers10My god, just look at them!  They have no sense of decency!

I know I’m being silly, but here’s the point.

My body is only sexual because of ideals of what sexual is.  Men are allowed to walk outside with their shirts off because they aren’t seen as sexual objects, but women are shamed for wearing many types of clothes, because their curves are seen as salacious.  But it’s ridiculous.  Body parts are just that: parts of our body that we were born with.  And until women can be seen as a whole person rather than parts to be judged, there will continue to be shame and displacement of blame.

Body parts are not dirty, nor are they shameful.


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