My, what a large frontal cortex you have!

by wildfeministappears

Okay, I hate the “Love your body” campaign.

I understand the original purpose: to show that all women are beautiful no matter how they look.  But much like this:


It still objectifies the fuck out of women by making it about their bodies, completely ignoring the women as human beings.  We haven’t changed the conversation of objectification, we’ve simply diverted to making it some sort of celebration.

There are a plethora of facebook pages “celebrating” curvy girls while bashing skinny girls, and more often than not it’s just a bunch of body bashing or sexual comments.


And even in feminist circles it becomes about the body and not the mind.  Women with “non-traditional” bodies are being praised for bravely showing off their bodies in sexual ways.  But we don’t know a damn thing about that woman in her bra and panties.  Except for that she’s brave for being in a bra and panties. 

It isn’t changing the way we think about women.  The conversation is still focused on their bodies and the way they feel about their bodies.  Or the way men feel about their bodies.  Or what kind of laugh we can get from making fun of advertising that’s still happening.

Why isn’t their a better campaign?  The “Don’t objectify yourself or others” campaign, or the “Be yourself” campaign, or even the “My body shape and size isn’t your fucking business” campaign.

I’ll start.  Don’t objectify yourself or others!  You are not your body.