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It’s not discrimination, it’s just good morals

Grab your boots and shovels, because we’re going to Bullshit Corner!

A woman was fired from a dentist’s office because she was too attractive.  But this has nothing to do with gender.

Oh no.

It has everything to do with morals from God.

You see, the dentist, after ten years, decided that he couldn’t control his urges anymore for his secretary, but it wasn’t his fault.  No, it was the devil’s.  And the woman’s.  She just wouldn’t stop being sexually-harassable.  He tried to make her stop, he really did!  He told her the bulge in his pants was an indication of her wrong-doing!  But God love him, he just couldn’t stop her evil ways of being born the way she was.


This pisses me off.  I tried to disbelieve the idea that 7 out of 7 men in the Iowa courts found this to be completely legit, but then when I found out my mind just said, “Yep. Of course that happened.”

I don’t see how people can look at our world and believe that women are being treated equally in the workplace, or that something isn’t wrong with firing without probable cause.  Discrimination is everywhere, and our courts are holding it up as valid!  There is nothing in this situation that is fair.

Oh well.  The internet is fired up for this news, so we’ll see what happens.

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Dear Mother Jones

Dear Mother Jones,

I know this won’t mean much to you, but my grandmother died on Wednesday, and as odd as it sounds, you were the first people I thought of.  You see, my grandmother and I had a special bond.  She always respected my intelligence, and while she was giving People and other pop magazines to my other cousins, she was giving me Mother Jones.  I always tried to understand what was going on in the magazine; often times she would have to explain it to me.  Still, those times were so  happy.

For the last two years of her life, I couldn’t see her because of family problems.  We didn’t speak, didn’t write emails, and my heart broke because I couldn’t be near her.  But every time I saw a Mother Jones article, I felt closer to her.  I just subscribed this year so that I could hold the magazine in my hands once again.  Your journalism was the standard for my writing throughout high school, and my grandmother kept every article I wrote in a folder, and when I became editor-in-chief, she kept every newspaper.

Now that I won’t even be at her funeral, I can only give my eulogy here.

My grandmother was a great woman.  She achieved a PH.D in Chemistry at a time when women were discouraged from just getting their undergrad degree.  Her career was spent at Eli Lilly, where she helped discover a heart decongestant.  She had a great collection of dolls and books.  She painted beautiful pictures.  And when she retired she devoted her life still to helping people, particularly her grandchildren.  She donated money to Native American reservations, and even started a scholarship for Liberal Arts students from a dying factory town in our state.

She always defended my writing.  All of my cousins ended up being active in sports, a few in music, a few in art, but I was the only one who wrote.  And God love my grandmother, she defended the god-awful vampire story that I wrote when I was fourteen.  She was always proud of me.  And I like to think she would be proud of me today.

My grandmother died the day I went to interview for Planned Parenthood’s internship position.  I was grateful for my husband not telling me until after the interview, because I don’t think I would have made it through otherwise.  But now I have the internship, and although I’m ecstatic about it, it hurts to think that I’ll never be able to have my grandmother be proud of me once again for doing something right with my life.

But at least I can tell you, Mother Jones.  At least I can smile each time I hold your magazine and realize that I’m helping to do something about the problems you report on.  I think my grandmother would like that.

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