Raise the Truth

by wildfeministappears

It’s only been a year since I’ve written on this blog.  I think the last one I posted was about taking power away from Trump by trying to force the media to turn its eye away from him.  It clearly didn’t work, and a lot of blame fell to fake news and news bias.  I fell into the same trap as everyone else, although I voted differently.  I think, now that I’ve finally come up from my depression just as everyone else has had to since November 8th, the only course of action I have is to write again.

There were many reasons that the democratic side fell, which I can’t entirely get into because I’m not sure which were real reasons and which were opinions.  All I know is that Trump grew in power over the year.  We laughed at first, thinking he never stood a chance against polished politicians.  He was crude, he made fun of people publicly, and he never showed any signs of having actual plans.  But the laughter stopped somewhere.  People saw him as the way out of politics and a way back to people who didn’t see a political life as a career.  The only problem is that they got what they wanted.

Trump was a name before he was ever a man, especially to my generation.  We saw his name in cartoons, on buildings in New York and other “rich” places around the world. He was a cartoon character, the example of money.  He’s a man now, and one we have to contend with seriously, because he doesn’t have a plan (at least a plan that’s feasible).  He didn’t want to win for the job.  He just wanted to win.  That’s why he had a victory tour.  He isn’t doing the preliminaries to his new position, he just keeps on “winning”.  And then he blamed his own support base for getting him to where he was.  He didn’t thank them.  He blamed them.  We have someone as president now who has a look of confusion and terror in his eyes whenever he’s seen even near his job.  He’s scared, but he doesn’t want to look scared.  So he picks stupid fights that mean nothing.  He tweets like his words matter and don’t matter at the same time. Here’s to SNL being relevant again.

Meanwhile, part of his support base has seen his victory as a sign that racism, sexism, and homophobia are all okay again.  Hate crimes are back on the rise, and I’ve personally read too many stories of hatred to count since he became president.  Some people want the power back; they want the ability to hate again.  People who honestly believe that Trump can get them their jobs back are in for a strange and awful surprise.  Many factory jobs were on their way out anyway, and these people have to find a way to start over again with no other job skills and a serious age issue where people past a certain age just aren’t hired.  Stopping trade with other countries would kill our economy, and there’s no incentive in the world that Trump could make cheaply enough to keep companies here.

I know this all sounds depressing, but as I’ve said before and will always say, there is no good reason to run.  Leaving the country won’t stop this problem.  We have to stay and fight for our country and take it back.  The only problem is, we’re fighting something stronger than we have before.  I think we’re ready for it if we do it right.  We used to fight politicians and laws.  What we’re fighting now is plain, unfiltered ignorance.  We have to spread the truth, fighting through Trump’s boisterous lack of plans, fighting those who believe that others different from them deserve punishment, fighting through the bog of fake news, fighting against ourselves when we indulge in less than reputable news.  We have to check our sources and teach our children to do the same before they end up in the same situation as us.  We can’t lie to them about what’s happening.  We can’t hide it any longer.  Everyone has to know the truth.  It’s all we have left.  Those gaining power can only be brought down by the truth.  The majority of the United States still has the tolerance and even sometimes love to accept people as they are, and we want to keep it that way.  We have to take elections seriously (and I fucking mean it).  We have to go to every election and made our voices heard.  We are not alone.  You are not alone, and you have the resources to do what’s right.  Raise the truth.