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Childfree Resources!

Ah, another resources page (That will be constantly updating, when people send me information!).

This whole childfree revolution hasn’t been around long, and it’s difficult to back up your beliefs when you think that there’s no one else around who believes the way that you do.  Not that you should back down from your beliefs for any reason, but it is nice to talk to other people when things get tough.  So, prepare yourself.  You’re entering a childfree zone.



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And you can go here to learn about my personal reasons for being childfree!


Why I am Childfree

I don’t typically like explaining myself to people about the choices that I make.  It isn’t their right to pry, and if they disagree with me, they can just deal with it and do what they want to do.  I won’t stop them.  So what I’m about to say isn’t necessarily to justify myself to others who think I’m wrong.  What I’m about to say is about giving a positive light to those who want to make the same choice as me.  I want to uplift you in any way I can.  So, without further ado…

Reasons I am childfree (which isn’t even a word, unfortunately)

1. I came from an abusive background and refuse to restart the cycle.

2. I have a plethora of health complications that I do not want to pass on to the next generation.

3. The world is populated enough.

4. I’m happy with my life as it is.

5. My uterus is happy being the way it is.

6. I have a puppy and kitten who are enough like children.

7. My idea of stopping a child from screaming is to throw a bucket of water on them.

8. I panic when I’m left alone with a child.

9. Diapers.

10. I’d like to make an investment in the world on a more global scale.

11. I love my time with my husband, uninterrupted.

12. The education system doesn’t know what the fuck its doing anymore.

13. We’re in a global recession.

14. I don’t eat my own vegetables, and I refuse to be a hypocrite by asking a child to eat theirs.

15. I don’t have the patience to teach children mundane tasks over and over again.

16. Due to my husband’s military aspirations, we’re going to be moving a lot.

17. I don’t like shoving my morals on other people, especially people in a suggestive state.

18. I like just getting up and going places when I feel like it.

19. If I had baby food chucked at me, I’d chuck it back.

20. I’m not stepping on small toys and not yelling.

21. Sex is fantastic, and I’m going to be as loud as I damn well please.

22. If I don’t have one baby, they can’t tell me to keep producing more.

23. That’s my candy.

24. Crying makes me cry.

25. I don’t hold things for very long without getting bored and dropping them somewhere.

26. Without sleep, I’m a bitch.

27. I like my clothes in their current condition.


Some of my motives are selfish, yes.  But most of them are trained toward making sure that I don’t screw over someone’s life because I couldn’t provide for them, or because I don’t have the patience and would end up making them feel bad for existing.  It isn’t fair to bring a child into the world knowing that you’re going to resent them.

I’ve made my choice, and I encourage others to embrace their own choices.  I know people who are going to be fan-fucking-tastic parents because they love children and have the qualities for it.  But I’m not one of those people.  And it isn’t right to judge people for making the childfree choice.  It’s a decision that is made with just as much forethought as deciding to have a child.  Some people called me selfish for withholding my love from another human being.  But that isn’t what I’m doing.  I share my love every day to its fullest extent.  And I can think of some pretty selfish reasons for having a child.  But I’m not going to judge others for making their decision.

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