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I feel something deep in the pit of

I feel something deep in the pit of my soul.  Usually, such anxiety comes from knowing a large storm is coming, but I’m out of the way of the storm, so I know it’s something else.  The earth moving, perhaps.  Such large successes that I fear are going to be followed by larger retaliations.  Opportunities lost, or missed entirely.  I’m not sure.  I just feel certain that something is going to happen.  I sense the cry for blood, and I know there will be destruction. 

Can you sense the stillness, the expectant charge in the air just waiting to crash down?  What’s coming?  Why do I feel darkness hanging heavily over us?

I’m frightened.


I’m telling the whole world.  The paperwork went

I’m telling the whole world.  The paperwork went through and I got my second major, so I am officially a graduate with majors in both Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics.  Hellz yeah!

Yeah, this isn’t feminist stuff.  Except for women can rock.  Like I do today.  And I’m not ashamed to brag about it. 

I am tired of injustice.  Just… exhausted.

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