The Vagina Diatribe

by wildfeministappears

I am not ashamed of my vagina.  I am not ashamed of my clitoris, my labia, my breasts, or my nipples.  They are not pornographic, and I will not have them censored, nor will I stand by quietly as women’s body parts are considered “filthy” or “wrong”.  To suggest that using these medically correct terms is subject to censorship is to suggest that we stay immature and ignorant of ourselves, and to be ashamed of what we are.  In order for our society to become stronger, to have the knowledge to understand that women are not sex objects, we must first get over the idea that certain body parts are not to be discussed or spoken about.

Not being able to say medically correct terms is detrimental to our society.  We are censoring pride by saying we should be disgusted with our own body parts.  We are censoring education.  We are censoring shared knowledge and experiences.  We are destroying our worth.  We become more ignorant the more we stay immature about our own bodies.

Acceptance is the first move towards change. 


Inspiration for this piece: