Breaking out music

by wildfeministappears

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, so I’m going to start out nice and easy.


I freaking love music, especially the kind that lets me jump around like a maniac while I’m singing along.  It’s rather disappointing when a song is reserved, keeping to the mainstream.  It doesn’t mean I don’t find it appealing; that’s why its mainstream.  But the songs that really stick with me are the ones that break all the rules.

The “Fuck you, I’m going to get my point across whether you like it or not” music.

The blatantly sexual songs

Or songs that are both

There needs to be songs that break the boundaries of our comfort zones.  It’s imperative for the silence to be shattered about topics so that people can start normalizing themselves to the ideas and embrace more equality.  Topics can only be taboo for so long before they become part of culture.

Like a multi-ethnic kiss in the 80s, or the loving kiss of two gay men in the 2000s

So get out there with your favorite song and break those boundaries!