Reflections on my project

by wildfeministappears

What I’m about to share with you through several posts is my work through the past year.  It has been a struggle to contain myself from flipping out and screaming on my blog during the duration of my project.  I’ve hated the world, I’ve cried, I’ve rejoiced, and I’ve gone outside several times just to remind myself the world was still okay.

This started out as a research project to determine how human trafficking has effected the Midwest of the United States, where I live.  What ended up happening was a concerted effort to understand the darkest parts of humanity, to understand how people could do what they’ve done to others they didn’t even consider humans.  I wanted to call them monsters, but I couldn’t.  They aren’t monsters.  They don’t crawl out in the night and capture people.  They don’t hide under beds and in closets.  They don’t suck blood or eat brains.  They are just humans.  Humans who have come to the extreme conclusion that other humans don’t matter.

This paper explicitly shows what happens when we don’t have equality.  Lines begin to be drawn for who matters and who doesn’t, who gets to be happy and who is used for fodder.

And I spend most of my time with this project trying to dim down the actual horror behind the crime, because this was an academic paper for anthropology.  This is about the United States and its issue with human trafficking, and how anthropology studies it.  This paper is so watered down that it actually makes me cry to think of what hasn’t been said.  But the information is still valid and important.  And I just want you to know that all the stories are true.  All the information has been thoroughly researched.  And my heart and tears are on every page.