Volunteer Opportunities!

by wildfeministappears

Hello, all you lovely people!

You rock.

I’ve been contemplating all the vast movements lately by the feminist community.  There have been thousands of protests and events focusing on the fact that women have been treated unfairly and need more of those inalienable rights that people keep talking about.  And sure, they get a lot of attention.  But we need people who work in the in-between, in the everyday situations.

We need volunteers.

I love volunteers.  They pour out their hearts for their causes in the background of the world, and never ask for appreciation.  They hurt alongside of those they try to help, they spend their free time contemplating what they can do with the advantages that they have.

You can be that person too.  You have a talent that you can share with people who need it.

Don’t think for a second that you don’t have something to share with the world, because you do.  Your help could mean the world to someone.

So let me help you get started!


(Some of these might be local, but I scrounged to find national ones so that everyone could be involved easily)

Feeding America

Habitat for Humanity

Live Your Dream

Women’s Advocates

United Nations Volunteers

Planned Parenthood

Julian Center

Go, do (Don’t burn yourself out; that’s a common problem for volunteers).