Today is a Deep, Cleansing Breath

by wildfeministappears

Happy new year.  I know yesterday isn’t any different from today, but it’s nice to have a moment where humanity takes stock of itself and promises (despite knowing failure is eminent) to be better.  A starting point that everyone agrees on, a rush of excitement knowing that this year could be different.  And it is different.

Think about where you were a year ago today.  Think about all the moments you’ve had, all the lessons you learned, the friends you’ve made or lost, the relationships that started or crumbled.  And think about where you’ll be a year from now, goals you have set, events you’re looking forward to.  Just as there is potential in every day that we should grasp, there is potential for you to now know yourself and where you’re going.

Today is a deep, cleansing breath.  Take it.