Childfree Resources!

by wildfeministappears

Ah, another resources page (That will be constantly updating, when people send me information!).

This whole childfree revolution hasn’t been around long, and it’s difficult to back up your beliefs when you think that there’s no one else around who believes the way that you do.  Not that you should back down from your beliefs for any reason, but it is nice to talk to other people when things get tough.  So, prepare yourself.  You’re entering a childfree zone.


Hitched: Why My Husband Is Getting A Vasectomy

Childfree or Die Hard: Snappy Comebacks to Inappropriate Questions

Facebook groups:

Happily childfree

Childfree me

The childfree life

The childfree choice

Web pages:

Babyless dating

Happily Childfree

The childfree life

Childfree by choice


No children by choice

Baby Off Board

La Vie Childfree

Yes Child Free

The regret people want us to have for being childfree


Planned Unparenthood: Creating a life without procreating

Women without Children

The childless revolution: What it means to be childless today

Two is Enough: A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice

Families of Two

The Baby Matrix

And you can go here to learn about my personal reasons for being childfree!