There Must Be Cute

by wildfeministappears

Hey everybody!  I’ve been swamped between my five classes and my internship, so I haven’t posted this week.  So here’s a special wildfeminist Saturday blog: Bad news offset by cute animals edition!

Anyone following politics knows Republicans are launching a full out war on women. But you may not know how many anti-women votes the Republicans cast since January 2011. Well, a report released last week by Rep. Henry Waxman (D – Ca.) has the answer: 55! That’s right, Republicans voted to take away women’s rights or make their lives miserable 55 times.

My my my, that is surprising… sort of.

“We are dismayed that the court expressly refused to consider the interests of women who are seeking lawful prescription medication and essentially held that the religious practice of individuals trumps women’s health care,” said ACLU spokesman Ed Yohnka. “We think the court could not be more wrong.”

We are disappoint.


In Tennessee, a new law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls explicitly excludes student IDs.

In Wisconsin, college students are newly disallowed from using university-provided housing lists or corroboration from other students to verify their residence.

Florida’s reduction in early voting days is expected to reduce the number of young and first-time voters there.

And Pennsylvania’s voter identification bill, still on the books for now, disallows many student IDs and non-Pennsylvania driver’s licenses, which means out-of-state students may be turned away at the polls.

Huffington Post


This is what republicans would like students to do.

Indiana law bars same-sex marriage, but lawmakers are set to write that ban into the state constitution in the next two years.

The Pence campaign cites research from the conservative Washington-based think tank, the Heritage Foundation, showing children raised in two-parent parent households perform better as adults. The campaign said in its issue paper released Tuesday the state would be the first in the nation to use marriage and “the success equation” as the basis for combating poverty.

Courier Press


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