No Closet Shame

by wildfeministappears

There are a lot of perks to being a feminist.  I may talk a lot about the social downfalls to being that independent person with volatile opinions, but life becomes more vibrant once you shed your shame.  You’re already being called names for your cause, accused of terrible acts against humanity and democracy, why not have fun with it?

I spend a great deal of time on my outfits, consequently.  I love trying out new styles and surprising people with my tastes.  People who know me have gotten used to my eccentricities. but I consider it a good day when someone either shakes their head or smirks at my clothes.  My go-go dress from the sixties goes great with my striped stockings and Fergie polka-dot platforms.  And yeah, I’ll rock to Madonna and Cher in my spaghetti strap shirt, peasant skirt and gold chain belt.  Because I don’t need the approval of other people anymore.  I dance by myself in crowds because I’m more into a song than other people, twirling my pearls to the beat.  And no, I can’t actually dance.  But tell that to my happy hips.

I also find this helps me shed my gender approved clothing stereotypes.  Wearing a tie to an interview would not bother me in the least, because I’ve spent a great deal of time pushing my personality past my clothes.  Shame does not come into the equation, so they can’t doubt my capability to work outside of the mundane.  Feminism has truly given me another level of style to work with.  And I am happiest when I’m in my own clothes, like my own skin, showing the world who I really am.  My pride is on my bell-sleeve!