Censoring Begets Failure: Our Reps Need a Health Course

by wildfeministappears

(Warning: This blog post uses medically accurate but possibly offensive words.  Please do not read on if you might be squeamish toward female body parts.)

I’ve been engrossed in the daily ups and downs that is the legislative and electoral season.  The North Dakota bill was fortunately shot down, as measure 3 would have effectively made it okay to abuse children and marry them at any age.  The Michigan anti-abortion bill passed through the House in a hurry, but has yet to make it to the Senate.  It will supposedly go to them sometime in September.

I was slightly sickened that my faith was restored by the fact that measure 3 didn’t pass.  I really expected something that horrific to just make it through.  We’ve had a lot of challenges this year, and I had given up on any victories.  However, it is the way of the feminist lifestyle to just get back up and brush ourselves off.  Don’t let them see you down.

It has been my experience that when the other side sees that you took a loss hard, they believe that they were in the moral right for gaining their victory.  I understand that.  I have always believed that people will stand by their convictions no matter what, and that they feel they need the victory just as much as you do.  Normal people do not try to do evil acts.  Normal people just fear losing control of their moral convictions in the place they live.

However, I would like to believe that we can have intelligent adult conversations when deciding on measures and bills.  And today I had a visceral reaction to the news that a woman was kicked out of testimony against an anti-abortion bill because she used the word “vagina”.  She was considered disrespectful of the proceedings, and could not finish her argument.  Not that pro-lifers haven’t tried to get pro-choicers kicked out before for trivial things, but that decision should have been overthrown.

How many discussions have we missed because people are squeamish about their bodies?  How are we supposed to stop the travesties that are happening in the word when we can’t talk about the body parts being destroyed and violated?  It makes me think that the reason sex trafficking is so bad is because the higher ups don’t want to hear the word “sex” over and over again.

I’m disgusted that Americans have been so coddled that they can’t discuss anything in a mature manner.  What kind of people are we leaving our lives to?  How do we expect women’s rights to be protected when the people who talk about it are old men who shudder at the idea of vaginas and laugh at the idea of penises?  We’ve protected ourselves so much from talk about sex, making it seem dirty and inappropriate when it is really a beautiful and empowering act, and because of this we are unable to save the people who are truly in trouble.

Natural human acts are being twisted.  Our leaders are refusing to think about where the ultrasound probes go.  We are being denied our rights to use words.

Maturity is being able to admit that a great deal of what this season has been about has been control of body parts.  Uterus, cervix, vagina.  These are not dirty words.  We are not dirty humans.  And we should demand our rights to be open about the issues.